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CONTENT MATTERS. You have something important to say. You want to present it as attractively as possible – people do judge books by their covers, despite the adage – but you also know that what is inside the package is more significant than the wrapping paper. You want readers to understand what youíre saying and be persuaded by it. You know that wonít happen if your sentences trip all over themselves or are filled with distracting spelling or grammar problems.
Thatís where ashmoreINK can help.
While directing the production of publications at two of Americaís top liberal arts colleges, I have written, edited and proofread everything from ads to alumni magazines and annual reports and coached writers, new and old, on ways to make their words clear and compelling.
As a freelancer and volunteer, I have crafted the public relations materials of a progressive private school (K-5) and text for the web site of a startup e-business. I’ve also edited a variety of books, including a history of reproductive politics in Puerto Rico, a study guide on comparative politics for Advanced Placement™ students, novels and a short story anthology.
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