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PROOFREADINGHave you ever produced a wonderful promotional piece only to have to reprint it due to a typo or crucial omission? That can be extremely costly, as well as embarrassing. It happens all too often, though, especially when the final signoff on a project is by people so close to the task that they see only what they expect.
I have to confess: I’m one of those aggravating people who proofread and critique restaurant menus when they go out to eat. Please – put this annoying trait to work for you. Before you go to press, let me run my nitpicky eyes and red pen over your words and make sure they say what you think they do.
I have participated in the planning, promotion and production of everything from the world’s first (and thus far only) metric football game and an annual Christmas Festival enjoyed around the globe by millions of music lovers to the launch of an e-commerce venture. Let me help you brainstorm the parameters of your project and turn your visions into realities, from print and online publications to public relations and publicity. ashmoreINK  is also an excellent resource if you need photo research, photos or book and brochure layout.
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