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“GREAT job, Nancy — exactly what this baby needed. You can bet that ‘Adironback’ would have made it to blue line, if not to the printed version, without your eagle eyes!! And the style inconsistencies — gaak. You are a gem!”

Director, Publications Development, GDA Integrated Services
(a division of George Dehne and Associates), Old Saybrook, Conn.

“WOW! I am absolutely floored. I am soooo excited I’m hyperventilating. I completely LOVE what you have done. I’m referring to the mockup, the organization of the material, the layout, the pictures, everything. The style is EXACTLY what I had in mind!”

CEO and Founder,, Los Angeles, Calif.

“Nancy Ashmore did more than add spit and polish to my final products or pluck out typographical errors. She provided invaluable assistance with regard to each novel’s pacing, structure, and plot. A rare find among editors, Nancy took a task that is usually arduous, and sometimes downright painful, and turned it into a positive, growth experience for me as a writer. Her full service editing left no area of my story unimproved, while at the same time, she showed great respect for my own creative needs and particular writing style. Most important of all, she worked with me until my novels were of publication quality, reflected my talents in their most positive light, and were something I was not only proud of, but able to successfully sell to publishers.”

Blayne Cooper, author, The Story of Me, Cobb Island, and Echoes from the Mist, and co-author, Road to Glory, Madam President, and First Lady

“One of the best, most thorough editors of my acquaintance. No grammatical error escapes her keen eye. Dangling participles are banished; wild commas are tamed. Beyond that, her vision encompasses the project as a whole. Nancy is a professional, a hard worker whose genuine concern for any text is not just that it is correct, but that it is improved to its fullest potential.”

Nene Adams, author, The Sunne in Gold

“I can't say enough good things about Nancy’s editing skills. Her intelligent, educated eye caught even the most minute mistakes in my manuscript, making a good book even better. By the time we went to press, I was confident the book had been given the utmost attention during the editing process. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her in the future.”

Linda Crist, author, The Bluest Eyes in Texas